Institutional and Change Management

Icegate Solutions has significant senior level experience in all aspects of institutional and change management best practices.  This includes senior roles in mentoring, policy development, public sector capacity building, economic and financial analysis, professional services, software development, product and services development, project management, program and project development and reviews, R&D development and management, and quality management.


Our team has:

  • Provided expert advice to governments in Botswana, Burundi, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Trinidad and Tobago, Yemen and Zimbabwe on technology, civil service modernization, organizational design, project management, policy, legislative, regulatory and procurement issues;
  • Experience with large-scale corporate and national information technology system development and deployment projects;
  • Expertise in institutional design and change;
  • Expertise in organizational analysis and transformation;
  • Significant experience with capacity development;
  • Expertise in stakeholder consultations and needs assessment;
  • Experience with various evaluation methodologies/results-based management;
  • Significant senior level experience in all aspects of business management and best practices;
  • A well established mentoring and Internship program;
  • Developed policy strategy:
    • Formulating useful and pragmatic policy advice;
    • Developing government policy;
    • Translating policy to legislation and the design of new institutions; and
    • Practical experience of implementation of policy and legislation.
  • Experience undertaking economic and financial analysis;
  • Developed economic modelling and modelling tools:
    • Creation and application of a model that assesses the business case for the introduction of telecommunication networks in rural communities; and
    • Estimating network infrastructure costs to provide voice and data services to rural communities there.
  • Extensive experience in sales, marketing, international trade;
  • A strong understanding of quality management standards, design and implementation;
  • Expertise in strategic plan development; and
  • Undertaken R&D development and management;