Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is the practice of creating a technology structure that brings an organization’s processes, information systems, personnel and discrete operating units into tight alignment to support its core goals and strategies. While it involves a heavy technological component, it’s multidisciplinary, linking together business managers, technology managers and technology implementers. A technology-focused approach isn’t enough.

Icegate’s Enterprise Architecture consulting services enable organizations to redesign & realign their existing legacy architecture to accomplish their business strategies by identifying critical business drivers and translating them into technology blueprints. A well defined and planned Enterprise Architecture solution in conjunction with IT strategies and Governance not only brings about greater efficiencies in the day-to-day processing but also enables organizations to monitor the entire technology landscape in real-time; pinpoint any gaps that might arise in the business strategies and the technologies required to execute them; and then take the necessary remedial action to bridge these gaps. Moreover, a robust enterprise architecture provides the scalability and flexibility to adapt to changing market and business scenarios and support new business processes.


Enterprise Architecture Development – Our Senior Architects can help you develop enterprise architecture with the quality and timeliness you require. Our business and technical specialists have deep experience in business, information, application, and technology architecture and have produced enterprise architectures for many key projects, organizations, and industries. Based on our experience, we can help you tailor frameworks such as TOGAF to your needs while also helping you develop the governance and team structure, processes, standards required to make your enterprise architecture a success.

We help organizations with the adoption and implementation of the concept of Services Orientation, an enterprise architectural style of defining Business and IT in term of services. Where SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) refers to the IT part of this concept, Services Oriented Enterprise (SOE) is referring to the definition of business activities in terms of services that can be directly related to these software services.

Enterprise Architecture Assessment and Optimization – Icegate can help you assess your existing architecture – whether the architecture be for an enterprise, a project or a specific system. We provide independent and objective advice consistent with industry leading frameworks such as TOGAF and can provide an objective assessment of how your architecture can be improved.

IT Strategy and Governance Policy – An IT Strategy & Governance policy significantly increases an organization’s credibility and service value in today’s marketplace while reducing overall costs, Icegate extends its IT Strategy Consulting services to clients who aim at transforming their IT landscape to a more agile model. Adopting a detailed, analytical approach to address and understand each client’s business requirements and problems, we minimize the risk component attached to any enterprise level IT investment, thereby increasing the net ROI. Operating as a blended service with our Enterprise Architecture Consulting offerings, we propose a number or strategy roadmaps for implementing the proposed IT project. In addition to enterprise-wide IT implementations, we also provide high-end consulting services for specific application and system implementation projects, implementing various governance frameworks, and maturity models required in today’s security and standard sensitive IT environment.

IT Strategic Plan – We identify gaps between your IT function (strategy, structure, people, process, technology) and your current and future anticipated organizational direction. We then collaboratively work with you to design a “blueprint” of your future operating model as well as a roadmap outlining the short, medium and long term initiatives required to get you there.

IT Governance Program – We help you design and implement the organizational, reporting and risk management changes necessary to execute your strategy. Typical drivers include a desire to better align IT with the business, a desire to reduce cost and complexity, a need to better manage risk and compliance or a need to remediate service quality issues.