About – Icegate Solutions

Icegate Solutions Inc. is a dynamic 15-year-old Project Management and Professional Services Canadian company that resolves technology related challenges in the public (municipal and national) and private sectors. Icegate has multi-disciplinary teams of professionals and associates that includes certified engineers and project managers; Enterprise Architect specialists; economists and regulatory specialists; management and public policy/governance/ administration experts; and IT and telecommunications technical/management experts. Our hand-picked teams provide in depth expertise in international project management and implementation; stakeholder engagement; ICT (Information Communications Technologies); regulatory/governance/legislative reform; Enterprise Architecture development; institutional design and change; organizational analysis and transformation; capacity development; e-government plans and strategies; and evaluation methodologies/results-based management.

Icegate’s strength is in its ability to combine consultative and participatory approaches with sound data collection and analytical techniques to identify, assess and provide advice on issues of critical relevance.

Operating since 2001 and incorporated in Canada since 2002, Icegate focuses on 7 core areas of expertise:

  • Project Management; ICT (Information Communications Technologies) issues;
  • Enterprise Architectures;
  • Governance/Regulatory/Legislative Frameworks and Reform;
  • Institutional and Change Management;
  • IT Solutions; and
  • GIS Solutions

Icegate Solutions, our Associates, our Partners and team members have successfully completed engagements in North America, Africa, Asia Pacific, the Caribbean, and Middle Eastern countries, serving clients that include governments; private sector companies; donor agencies such as the CIDA, UNDP and World Bank; and with such international organizations as OECD, APEC, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and CARICOM.

Icegate has built a strong reputation for providing top-level services that strengthen regulations; legislation; and programs and projects. A key to our success has been to use experienced people and partners who have proven themselves capable of exceeding expectations in their performance of the tasks.  Icegate Solutions begins each mandate by conducting an in-depth evaluation of the client’s needs and forms a handpicked project team that are consequently able to respond to a wide range of client demands. Stakeholder consultations, needs assessment and capacity building are also a key part of our core strengths and are rigorously applied in all engagements. The results speak for themselves – Icegate successfully delivers quality solutions to clients on multiple occasions around the globe.